A Little About Me

I use the skills I’ve gained working with thousands of patients during 30 years of clinical practice, extensive formal & informal education as well as personal experience including being a Mom & wife, to guide you to a life of possibility and well-being.

My talent lies in clarifying the essence of a situation, drilling down to the basics then offering multiple tools to help you make a shift. Whether it’s a restriction in the musculoskeletal system or feeling burnt out & overwhelmed by life’s layers I am invested in guiding you on your best path by offering compassionate, inspiring support to get you through it.

I value integrity & well-being.

Integrity is how we show up in the world – in the words of the great Brene Brown ‘that we often must choose courage over comfort.’  Well-being is a fullness of all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I have been a practicing chiropractor in a busy wellness-based clinic for over 26 years (together with my husband) so I deeply understand that our physical body is THE vehicle we use to live our life. How our body works affects every aspect of our being, from our thoughts & emotions – to our ability to do the daily stuff – to being able to kick ass as we age. Working with the body can create total life change.

I also recognize the body & mind are linked. To heal, move forward in our lives & navigate challenging life events requires resilience, grit and input from the whole.

I can offer high value, personalized attention to help you rise above the noise of your daily life so you can focus on your next, right step.