Well-being care involves a high value, personalized appointment that gives us the opportunity to deeply explore aspects of your life that are contributing to your well-being, or lack of it.  Donna offers compassionate, intuitive support with evidence based tools that will help you focus on your next right step. These appointments are one hour long with the option of half hour appointments in the future.

—— Well-Being Care will help you 

  • To be fully heard & supported at a deeper level
  • To determine where you are restricted
  • To examine your possibilities
  • To discern what you need to do tomorrow & next week
  • To develop a long term plan (if that’s what you’re looking for)
  • To receive caring, genuine attention & clear, practical solutions
  • To leave feeling  hopeful about your future with actionable steps
  • To be held accountable which means you WILL see change

call 250-342-9666 for an appointment